Our Story


I’m not sure if I’m laughing at the fact that it’s 2AM, and I have pink coconut butter all over my pants, or if it’s because our guiding principle at Pearl Butter is “Wellness, not perfection.”

Let that sink in, Mom and Dad.

Wellness, not perfection.

My how far I've come.

For years, the Wellness Industry told me I wasn't X enough. Eat less. Sweat more. Embrace your sexuality, but not too much. Feeling down? Buy a crystal. Still feel shitty? You forgot to sage it.

Since when did wellness become so serious (and so full of BS)?

Pearl Butter is about loving and embracing yourself-today. Not your high school body, and not your future success. It's about honoring your brain and your heart and sometimes even your stomach when it gurgles for that second slice of chocolate cake. It's about research, not "celebrity wellness gurus."

Snake oil is out, science is in.

I hope Pearl Butter not only inspires you to have fun taking care of yourself, but also your dreams. They deserve some TLC, too. 

😘 Kati, CEO